Learning Analytics refers to collection and analysis of data about learners for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the learning environments. Data streams gathered from student learning activities, may provide new opportunities to receive valuable information on the students’ learning behaviors and could be utilized to adjust the teaching modules while they are still running.

In this workshop participants will learn how learning analytics can pave the way for smoother and more succesful learning experience. The focus will be on the qualitative point of view of learning analytics.

The basis of the session is a national learning analytics project (APOA) funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, in which eleven Finnish HEIs partner are developing a roadmap for the scalable use of learning analytics in universities of applied sciences.

In this session the APOA project presents the latest results and experiences in Savonia UAS related to the usage of learning analytics. Savonia uses e.g. Moodle learning platform as one of the tools to mine and analyse learning data.

Get to know the APOA project in detail in advance.

You are warmly welcome to this co-creation session!


  • Aija Hietanen, Project Manager, APOA project, School of Health Care
  • Petra Laakso, Lecturer, School of Tourism and Hospitality
  • Hannu Oksanen, Senior lecturer, School of Design 

Session 2 Presentation Available Now Here