Business Center North Savo is a novel service network aiming to strengthen the know-how and international competitiveness of the region to support the economic – but yet socially responsible –  vitality in surrounding communities. The Business Center focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation and development of new services and products.

In the next few years, one of the most prominent competence clusters and innovation ecosystems of the country will be established in Savilahti, in the immediate neighborhood of the university, university hospital, Savonia UAS, research organizations and companies of the area. Area’s educational institutes will be introduced a joint entrepreneurial learning environment combined with an open innovation commercialization process. The North Savo area will also get a concrete entrepreneurial education strategy shared by all three education levels.

Business Center North Savo development work is coordinated by Savonia UAS together with its partners e.g. the City of Kuopio.

Join the business accelerator team to learn about how to boost innovations, entrepreneurial spirit and thus advance the good life.

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