How are you doing? Do you have the sufficient strength, flexibility and mobility needed to feel good physically? How well do you eat?

Dive into this topic of personal wellness in this multi-functional and activating session. Test what is your current state of ‘feeling good’ by taking part in some easy-going wellness check-ups and answering in health surveys. The workshop is not intended to be too physical or demanding, so you can participate in this session in normal clothes.

At the second part of this session you will learn key facts about Nordic nutrition recommendations – especially how should you be eating during the winter season.

At this session you will also learn about the Viretori concept which is a learning environment for Savonia social and health students. At Viretori, students of physiotherapy and nursing can practice wellness services and run their own hospitality activities. VireTori provides low-threshold health promotion guidance and counseling, performance mapping, and fitness testing to local citizens.

The session will be run by Savonia physiotherapy and nursing students and the dietician of Savonia university sports “Sykettä“.

This session will run twice during the week: on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, so you can select the option that suits your schedule best.

Get to know Viretori in advance:

And after reading this far, why not take a short energizing break and do some exercise guided by our university sports coordinator:


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