Locations & maps

Savonia UAS Microkatu Campus (joint events on Monday – Thursday): Microkatu 1, Building KPY Novapolis, Kuopio (Google maps) – see instructions on local buses below
Savonia UAS Opistotie Campus (location of School of Design and parts of School of Engineering and Technology): Opistotie 2, Kuopio (Google maps)
Savonia UAS Iisalmi Campus (side events during the week): Haukisaarentie 2, Iisalmi (Google maps)

Kuopion Saana holiday resort, Siikaranta 12 (Google maps)
Sotku Theatre (Fairwell evening on Thursday), Suokatu 42/2, Kuopio (Google maps)

Microkatu campus map (events take place in wings D and B, restaurants and main entrance are in the wing A)

Kuopio city centre map (printable)


Connections by air to Kuopio are excellent, as there are 9–10 daily flights from Helsinki to Kuopio. Kuopio Airport also operates charter flights.

Finnair flight schedules

Services at the Kuopio Airport

From the airport you can take either a local bus or a taxi to the city centre. The bus number 40 operates between the airport (lentoasema) and the city center on Mon – Fri (from approx. 06:00 to 19:00). This bus arrives at Tulliportinkatu 33 (bus stop: “Tullinkulma”) and it departs to airport at Maljalahdenkatu 31 (bus stop “Maljalahdenkatu P”).

The airport is located 20 km from the city centre.


There are several trains daily from Helsinki to Kuopio, the fastest Pendolino train taking only four hours. The train station  (juna-asema) is located in the city center (Google maps).

Train connections and timetables


You can pre-order a taxi free of charge. The taxi in Kuopio costs approx. 1,65 € / km + basic fee 6-9 €.

Local buses

Kuopio local bus route planner . You can find the schedules also in Google Maps.
Please note that you cannot pay with credit card in the local buses, but only cash. The ride in the city area costs 3,30 €.

Local buses from city center (bus stop “Tullinkulma”) to Microkatu campus (bus stops “Teknia E” or “Microteknia – piha”), piha =yard

City center bus stop Tullinkulma at Tulliportinkatu

By utilizing the local bus route planner you can find the buses between the city center and Savonia main campus (Microkatu 1). Many buses depart from Tulliportinkatu 33 (you can type “Tullinkulma 1 L” in the route planner). The bus ride from Tullinkulma to Microkatu campus takes some 4-7 min. The buses will leave you either at Teknia E or Microteknis bus stop:

  • Buses 4, 7, 16, 21, 23, 31 stop at Teknia E (Savilahdentie 8, a road just next to the Microkatu campus).
  • Buses 32, 35 and  40 stop at Microteknia (next to the Savonia main entrance)

Please note that there are no info panels in all buses indicating the bus stops.

Buses from Microkatu campus (Teknia P) to city center (Kaupungintalo = City hall)

  • Buses 4, 7, 16, 21 and 23 to city center depart along the Savilahdentie (bus stop named Teknia P) to city center.
  • Buses 32, 35 and 40 depart close to the Microkatu campus main entrance (bus stop “Microteknia – piha”) heading to city center.

At the city center you can exit e.g. at the main market place (bus stop “Kaupungintalo” = City hall).

Microteknia bus stop near Microkatu campus

Local bus between the airport and city center

The airport is located 20 km from the city centre.

The bus number 40 operates between the airport (lentoasema) and the city center (bus stop “Tullinkulma”, Tulliportinkatu 33) on Mon – Fri (from approx. 06:00 to 19:00).

Local bus from city center to the airport

The bus 40 operates between the city center and airport (lentoasema). The bus departs at the bus stop “Maljalahdenkatu P” at Maljalahdenkatu 31 (Google maps).