What do you need to know about Finland?

– It may be cold in February, so be prepared. Remember to take warm clothes with you. The key is to wear a lot of layers that you can take off and put on when needed.

– Even though Finns might seem a bit quiet at first we are friendly and warm people after all.

– Finns own a good sense of humor and an open mind.

– You can get clear water everywhere. No need to buy bottled water.

– Our nature is very important to us. Please recycle especially cans and plastic bottles.

– We recommend you to have a taste of traditional Finnish foods and sweets during your stay.

– The stores are open usually from 9am to 9pm and restaurants mostly from 10am to 10pm. We recommend you to check the opening hours of the restaurants you’re planning to dine.


What to take with you?

-We don’t have any dress code here so you can wear, what you feel is suitable.

-On Tuesday we are going to experience the Finnish sauna together. Take a swimming suit with you if you like to try the ice swimming.

-If you are attending the natural ice skating on Wednesday, take outdoors wear that can keep the wind.

-The Farewell evening on Thursday is more festive occasion so you can take some nicer clothes for that. Smart casual is fine.

-Comfortable and warm shoes are important especially if you want to take long walks. The toes freeze fast in this weather. Wearing warm socks also helps.


How to move around in Kuopio?

-Kuopio doesn’t have metros or local trains so you need to use a bus or taxi. The local bus ticket is 3,30€ and you can pay that with cash or with an app on your phone called Vilkku. The taxi fee during business hours is about 6€+(2€/km). The fees depend on the taxi company.

– We recommend that you walk here, at least a part of the time. The views are pretty and so you can stop to watch them. Also the distance between places aren’t that long. For example the distance between the city centre and Microkatu campus is about 3km.