Finland has over 188,000 lakes, most of them located in the Lakeland district which is the largest in Europe. Finnish Lakeland area is a blue labyrinth of lakes, islands and rivers bordered by forests and fields. As the Lonely planet describes: “Reflecting the sky and forests as clearly as a mirror, the sparkling, clean water is likely to be one of your most enduring memories of Finland.”

Kuopio is located in the heart of the Lakeland Finland area and it has a priviledge to be called the Capital of Lakeland. The Kuopio area invites the visitors to skip the busy metropolitan areas to enjoy the meditative lakeland sceneries and take advantage of its natural “fengshui”, security and purity.

Savonia School of Tourism and Hospitality works to advance the nature tourism and enhance the awareness of its benefits. It is a well-known fact that nature helps us recover from the effects of stress and forget our everyday worries. It also lifts our moods. The effects are manifested in lower blood pressure and a stabilised heart rate.

In this session you can learn more about the Lakeland Finland and benefits of nature tourism.

Speaker: Tiina Kuosmanen, Lakeland2 project, Savonia Business services

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