How well do you sleep? Does you sleeping habits affect you working performance? Did you also know that good managerial skills have an impact on your sleep?

Sleep is the corner-stone of our every-day well-being. As sleeping problems have become a “national disease” in many countries, Savonia has tackled this issue in one of its projects.

Join this session to become a better sleeper. You will learn about relaxation methods as well as the impact of night-time nutrition to your sleep. The speakers will also introduce you with their project “Sleep well – work well” which aims to find new solutions on how employers and employees can prevent sleep problems and enhance their work performance e.g. by designing their work and utilizing new technologies.

In this session day-time dreaming and napping are allowed!

Speakers: Sari Aalto and Eija Partanen-Kivinen, School of Health Care


Session 11 Presentation Now Available Here