The session will introduce you the framework of student well-being in higher education. This framework has been developed in Finland and is also the guiding line while planning the student support services at Savonia. In this session you will gain a general understanding on how student support and well-being services are structured at Savonia UAS.

Another part of this session focuses on alternative routes to higher education. One of the current key words of student counselling is flexibility. This also applies to student enrollment. In Finland HEI students are traditionally being admitted according to their success in annual entrance examinations. Savonia is however experimenting so called “entrance courses” as an alternative route to its part-time programs. The idea is that the potential applicants will take part in an online course and complete requested assignments. The students who succeed the best can be admitted to the degree programme. Welcome to hear what are the experiences and results of this experiment in our Wellness Business study programme. Wellness Business is a unique programme in Finland training experts in trends of wellness, health and well-being such as Nature Wellness and Green Care as well as wellness technology and event planning.


  • Pirjo Venhovaara, Leading Student Counsellor
  • Meri Tissari, Student Welfare Counsellor
  • Pauli Verhelä, lecturer, Wellness Business programme
  • Ilkka Virolainen, lecturer, Wellness Business programme


Session 3 Flexible Routes to Higher Education Presentation Now Available Here