3D printing is not just for engineering applications. Medical technology sector (MedTech) has a wide range of application areas that are very well suited for 3D printed products. Customer specific products from anatomical models to customized tools and learning equipment are just some examples of where 3D printing is already used worldwide. In this session you can learn more about 3D printing possibilities for MedTech applications and Savonia UAS’ new 3D printing environment. We will also present some examples of our R&D projects with Kuopio University Hospital and Microsurgery Center of Eastern Finland.

Besides 3D printing, in this session we will dive into the Internet of Things (IoT) – which is, thanks to rapid global growth, becoming a next big thing – via the degree programme of Savonia UAS aiming at developing information technology experts with a specialization in IoT. During the degree studies students’ skills and competencies are enhanced with a focus on the framework of industrial and digital health sectors. We emphasize on how technology is transforming the healthcare industry. With the IoT healthcare applications, students acquire a clear vision of how different stakeholders, such as patients, families, doctors and hospitals, are benefited. Similarly, students get hands-on experience by working with digital factories connected with 5G communication platforms, clouds, and various digital twin technologies. Students have the opportunity to gain scientific know-how on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM).

Antti Alonen, R&D Specialist, Savonia UAS’ School of Engineering and Technology
Rajeev Kanth, Senior Lecturer, Savonia UAS’ School of Engineering and Technology (Degree programme of IoT)
Arto Toppinen, Principal Lecturer, Savonia UAS’ School of Engineering and Technology


Session 9 Presentation Now Available Here