Health and social care services carried out in patients’ homes are currently undergoing many changes. They need to be designed to ensure the adequacy of the staff as the number of clients continues to grow, while not neglecting the quality of home care, customer safety and many other things. The concept of home care needs to be rethought to meet growing needs. Digitalization has contributed to the development of work, and new technological applications and solutions are constantly coming to market. For example, “remote care” is already part of the service portfolio of many municipalities.

Applied well-being technology is one of Savonia’s four focus areas. In one of its’ projects, Weltech, it aims to create training for nurses, students and teachers. The training is designed to familiarize oneself with the latest technology in nursing and to lower the threshold for the use of new technology by providing participants with information on the challenges of technology use and providing them with the skills to deal with a variety of problem situations.

We all will be most likely needing the home care services at some stage of our lives. Savonia welcomes you to get to know the weltech field as well as some technological solutions serving the home care sector that you might be using in the future, either as a professional or a customer.

Speaker: Heli Kekäläinen, R&D expert, School of Health Care


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