The International Week of Savonia UAS will be arranged on 17 – 21 February 2020. The theme of the week will be Good Life Creation.

The core of the week is to strengthen the idea how higher education can inspire and promote well-being and balanced lifestyle among staff and students as well as in surrounding communities. The theme good life creation is strongly highlighted in our region and in the mission statement of the city of Kuopio.

Higher education institutions have an important role to enhance good life practices through both education and research & development activities. International week offers a platform for launching new co-operative initiatives and developing together new project ideas.

Subthemes of the week

  • Best practices in good life creation
  • Multidisciplinary approach to creating good life (curricula, learning methods etc.)
  • Flexible study paths to support the study-life balance
  • Services supporting students’ and staff’s well-being
  • RDI enhancing health promotion and good life
  • Good life in different cultural contexts

For whom?

The Savonia International Week is open for members of teaching, RDI, administrative or support services staff of our partner universities. You also have a possibility to share your experiences and best practices in creating good life in the workshops of the week. In case your university is not a Savonia partner university you can still join our week by paying the participation fee.

Teaching and / or personalized programme

In addition to taking part in our workshops, we encourage you to give visiting lectures to our students on your field of expertise. Alternatively we can organize alternative programs, such as job shadowing, according to your wishes. During the week, you can set-up your own meetings to co-operate or do project planning with Savonia UAS staff. Your participation in the week can be recognized as Erasmus+ staff (or teacher) mobility.

Side activities

You can also enhance your personal well-being by participating in our exciting free time activities e.g. ultimate sauna experience (with some ice swimming naturally) or a natural ice skating event during the Finland Ice Marathon, enjoying the local delights served in our student restaurant and a music-theatre concert inspired by well-known musicals.