The core of the week is the concept and practice of co-creation. Co-creation encourages active involvement of students, faculties and organizations to produce knowledge and learning together. During the week we will examine how learning environments, pedagogical choices, and support services (like student services, RDI etc.) can enhance co-creation. Co-Creation Days offer a platform for launching new co-operative initiatives and developing together new project ideas – In other words, an opportunity for real co-creation.

The subthemes of the week are for example:

  • Best Practices in co-creative learning
  • Support services enabling co-creation
  • Open Innovation Spaces supporting co-creation
  • Co-creative working methods in Research and Development
  • Empowering local actors through co-creation
  • Cultural challenges and opportunities in co-creation

We invite you (teacher, R&D, administrative or support services staff) to share your inspiring experiences on these themes. We are also happy to plan and implement these workshops together with you.

During the week you can have your own sessions of cooperation, teaching, project planning or development with Savonia UAS staff and students. Your participation in the week can be recognized as Erasmus+ staff or teacher exchange.

During this week it is possible to take part in Finland Ice Marathon and other activities organized in the area.