Place: Savonia UAS main campus, Microkatu 1, Kuopio

Parallel programme (jointly on Wednesday and individually along the week) will be organised at Iisalmi Campus (Haukisaarentie 2, Iisalmi, 84 km from Kuopio). Further information:

Monday 17 February

11:40 Transport from city center to Mickrokatu campus Departure behind the city hall of Kuopio, Maljalahdenkatu 31
12:00-13:00 Registration and coffee Microkatu campus heart, wing D, 1st floor
13:00-14:50 Opening of the International Week
– Mervi Vidgrén, Savonia President CEO
– Virpi Laukkanen, Manager of International Relations
Keynote: Dr. Henri Tuomilehto: Sleep to succeed

Microkatu campus heart, wing D, 1st floor

or online:

15:00-17:10 Get-together event Microkatu campus heart, wing D, 1st floor
17:15 Transport to city center from Microkatu From Microkatu to Maljalahdenkatu 31 

Tuesday 18 Feb

09:00-09:30 Morning coffee Mic-B5014+5015
09:30-09:45 Joint start of the day Mic-B5014+5015
09:45-10:45 Session 1: Solutions of the digital era to social and health care MiC-B5014
09:45-10:45 Session 2: Learning analytics supporting better learning and good life (FULL) MiC-B5015 
11:00-13:30 Campus tour & lunch at a pop-up restaurant / lunch
(Pop-up restaurant FULL)

Session 3: Student well-being framework and flexible routes to higher education

Coffee break around 14.15


Session 4: “I feel good” – workshop on physical well-being and nutrition (FULL)

Coffee break around 14.15

MiC-B5015+ (Nutrition) + Mic-B5016  (Wellness) 
17:15 Departure to sauna event Departure behind the city hall of Kuopio, Maljalahdenkatu 31
17:30-20.30 Ultimate sauna experience at Holiday resort Kuopion Saana (FULL) Saana Holiday Resort, Siikaranta 12
20:30 Departure to city center From Saana to Maljalahdenkatu 31

Wednesday 19 February

Parallel programme at Iisalmi campus, Haukisaarentie Iisalmi. Further information: Ms Hannele Tams,

08:45-9.15  Morning coffee MiC-B5014+5015
09:15-11:00 Session 5: Lakeland Finland – fountain of good life and wellness Mic-B5015
09:15-11:00 Session 6: Businesses laying foundations for vital communities  Mic-B5014
11:00-12:30 Lunch  
12:30-14:30  Session 7: Best practices of our guests. E.g. Distance education – creating flexible ways to teach and learn Mic-B5014
12:30-14:30 Session 8: “I feel good” – workshop on physical well-being (FULL) MiC-5016 (Wellness) 
& MiC-B5018 (Nutrition) 
14:45-16:15  Kuopio city tour Buses departing at Microkatu 1 

Thursday 20 February

08:45-9:15  Morning coffee. Introduction to the OIS fair. Delivery of participation certificates.  Mic_B5014+5015
09:15-11:00  Session 9: Technology serving the health care sector and well-being  Mic-B5014
09:15-11:00 Session 10: LEARNING to Live and Work Together  Mic-B5015
09:15-11:00 Session 11: Sleep well – work well 
Session length 45 min (9:15-10.00)  (FULL)
11.00-12.00 Lunch  
12:00-14:00 OIS (Oivalla) fair Microkatu campus heart, wing D, 1st floor
18:00 Students leading to the farewell event Departure behind the city hall of Kuopio, Maljalahdenkatu 31 
18.30-22.00 Musical concert – Season’s of love & Farewell dinner (FULL) Sotku theatre, Suokatu 42

Friday 21 February

Possibility for individual program (individual or network meetings, teaching, project planning). Please let us know your wishes for personal meetings etc. on the registration form.